Core Values


We, at ApnaTech, have a set of guiding principles that form the foundation of everything we are and do. Our core values drive our thoughts and actions, right from hiring to team and client interactions to creating value for the client and the society at large.

Free & Caring


We encourage everyone to feel free to speak their minds. Free flowing thoughts should not be limited to brainstorming sessions. It is part of your life every day at ApnaTech. Our efforts to nurture an environment where everyone can freely express their thoughts has helped us ideate and innovate as well as form deeper relationships within the company and with clients.

Such an environment, where people speak their thoughts freely, is possible only when everyone has a caring attitude. You enjoy the freedom to express your thoughts as long as it does not hurt anyone.

Feedback as a Growth Tool

We encourage feedback from everyone and to everyone. When done correctly, feedback can help people grow and unleash their complete potential. There are 3Cs for the healthy exchange of feedback:

  • Caring: Feedback should be done with the intension to improve something and not to blow off steam.
  • Concise: Feedback should be precise. Don’t ramble.
  • Current: Don’t wait for a formal session or the most opportune moment to share feedback.

Feedback as a Responsibility

Once you are part of the ApnaTech team, it is your responsibility to provide feedback to other members and to work on the feedback provided to you.

By speaking your mind, you can live the truth and build relationships based on truth, internally and with clients.

Learn & Grow

Growth does not just happen. It is a focus area at ApnaTech and every team member is encouraged to work continuously on aspects they can improve. It doesn’t need to be an earthshattering improvement. Every improvement counts and is important.

We motivate people to continuously look for growth opportunities, for themselves and for their teams. Let’s not settle for anything short of the best possible version of yourself. That’s the only way you and your team can do more today than it did yesterday.

Be Productive

We encourage people to keep a focus on getting things done. If there are obstacles, aggressively find ways to remove them. If there are dependencies on others, keep following up till you’re able to complete what you set out to do.

Executive your responsibilities to the best of your abilities, for both internal and external customers. If a team member or client has a dependency on you, make sure you get to it at the earliest, so that they can be their productive best too.

Own your productivity and measure what you created. Feel the joy of doing a job well and take pride in what you create. Be committed to the success of your clients and your team. Success always flows from the customer to the team and then to you.

Be Driven

We value people who have a fire in their belly to do something meaningful with their lives. If you have the 9 to 5 attitude of clocking time, you will not be a good fit with the ApnaTech team. Here, we are all doing something meaningful and achieving something every day.

Being driven is not limited to ourselves. It encompasses leading and encouraging others to do great things as well, so that we can head to a better future. It also includes making tough decisions.

We encourage people to set their targets high and have the commitment to invest the efforts required to achieve them.

Create Innovatively

Let’s find a better way of doing things. Don’t hesitate to try something new. It is only by keeping our minds open to new ideas that we can leave our stamp on the Universe.

Don’t settle for “good enough”. It limits your abilities and your mind; and prevents you from achieving “great” things.

Think different, walk the path less trodden and live outside the box.