Rail Track Monitoring System

Track Monitoring through Cutting-Edge Visual Imaging and Analysis

Monitoring railway tracks and identifying surface defects are the key to safe railway operations. ApnaTech’s Rail Track Monitoring System combines highly advanced visual imaging with powerful data analysis to provide highly accurate data of track-level defects. This allows railways to pursue pre-emptive maintenance, while optimizing the economy and the service life of the track.

The Track Component Video Inspection System provides full integration and synchronization between measurement systems, as well as full integration of data streams from various systems. Plus, it measures more critical parameters than manual instruments for higher accuracy: Top of the rail, Joint bars , Fasteners and clips , Sleepers, Surface defects

The system collects digital images of the track for visual review and analysis of safety conditions, detected exceptions, accident investigations, and inspection planning. It can operate in stand-alone mode or as an integrated component of a track inspection system. When used with measurement systems, visual location information is linked to measurement data, providing users immediate access to visual location information on sites of interest, such as a defect location. This reduces the need for on-site visits and helps in maintenance planning.

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