Other Railway Diagnostics Products

Hanging Parts Detector System (HPDS)

ApnaTech installed India's 1st Hanging Parts Detector System at Chunar

  • HPDS is a wayside system that detects any hanging part in a running train
  • Consists of high speed camera with appropriate lighting to capture the images
  • Automatically detect train and initiate the video recording
  • Captured images are then analyzed by AI/ML algorithms to detect hanging parts
  • Generates XML reports and transfers to the central server for web-based publishing including SMS alerts
  • The system can be easily integrated with other wayside systems

Bridge Monitoring

  • Proactively monitor structural performance under operational and environmental variation
  • Extend the remaining life of bridge by reducing failures due to early detection
  • Optimize inspection budgets with real-time condition data
  • Reduce unnecessary maintenance and life-cycle costs
  • Increase confidence in structural integrity and public safety
  • Avoid closures and downtime for routine inspection
  • Useful in identifying the internal defects in the structure, which may not be detected from outside after earthquakes & extreme loading

Stress Free Temperature (SFT)

ApnaTech installed its 1st SFT system for Bane NOR (Norway)

  • A measure of residual stress in the Railway Track
  • Measures strain and temperature through an embedded sensor on the railway track
  • Real-time monitoring with alerts to avoid Rail break due to stress build-up and Buckling of Track

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