Overhead Equipment Monitoring System

Real-Time Visual Imaging and Analysis for Monitoring Overhead Equipment

An array of digital line scan cameras monitor the overhead catenary conditions and raises alerts to the OCC in real time.

The systems measures and detects the following: Height of the contact wire from rail surface; Stagger of the overhead line according to center of the track; Wear of the contact wire; Changes in contact wire height; Disconnection of Catenary wire & Pantograph Foreign objects and loose connections in OHE catenary system Measures the dynamic forces and acceleration between the OHE and the Pantograph Performance of current collection system is measured by recording arcs formed between the Pantograph and Contact Wire Mast Detection systems and Implantation

ApnaTech Overhead Equipment Monitoring System: Key Aspects

Over Head Catenary Inspection System

Measurements from the Line Scan Cameras include:

  • Stagger
  • Contact Wire Height
  • Contact Wire Gradient
  • Clamp locations and Defects

Contact wire wear is measured accurately using a laser-based module. Historical comparison of the same point over time can be done effortlessly.

Pantograph Current Collection Performance and Arcing Measurement System

The system measures:

  • Total mean uplift force
  • Location of each Arc (kilometric position)
  • Spark duration from 5 to 5000ms
  • Number of arcs generated and percentage of arcing
  • Train speed when each arc occurred
  • Pantograph current
Monitoring External Factors and Car Body Movement

The sensors measure:

  • The tilt of the car by monitoring the bogie springs
  • Speed and Distance Sensor relate physical phenomenon to scale
  • Any foreign object that could be related to the readings captured
OHE and Pantograph Interaction Measurement

The system measures the dynamic forces and acceleration between the OHE and the Pantograph:

  • Pantograph contact force
  • Vertical Acceleration
  • Transversal Acceleration
  • Longitudinal Acceleration

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