Acoustic Bearing Detector

TTCI Acoustic Bearing Detector is a technology engineered to enhance safety & efficiency of Rail Transport. Roller Bearing’s health of the Rail is one of the decision makers in deciding the safety of Rail Transport. Trackside Acoustic Detection System TADS® is designed to monitor roller bearings and identify the same with internal defects prior to overheating, costly train stops, and ultimately failure. This technology enhances equipment performance and prolongs infrastructure life. TADS®- Registered trademark of TTCI, Pueblo, Colorado, USA

Track side Microphone Array

Salient Features

  • Multiple microphone trackside array
  • Ethernet linked, multi-computer high-speed data acquisition system
  • AEI integrated
  • Internet connected
  • Remote monitoring and diagnostic capability
  • Lightning protected
  • Notifications by e-mail or modem connection
  • TADS data sent to single or multiple databases (e.g. customer owned and/or InteRRIS™)
  • Evaluation results sent on each bearing of each train – defect present (Y or N)
  • 2 outputs for suspected defects- Defect location, severity ranking
  • Database tools available for: Graphical display of train, car, or bearing history
  • Acoustic review of detected bearing defects