WILD System

7 Out of Every 10 WILD Systems in India are Installed & Maintained by ApnaTech

ApnaTech installed the first ever WILD system in India over a decade ago. Since then, our solution has proven to be superior to imported systems in terms of accurate fault detection in all benchmarking studies. Our solution is proudly Made in India and for India.

apnaWILD system measures and monitors impact loads caused by wheel defects according to the defined threshold and the severity of defect. It also monitors: Number of axles and axle condition. Speed of each axle and average speed of the train. Average Dynamic Wheel Load for all wheels.

apnaWILD: How it Works

ApnaTech WILD System: Key Features

  • Counts number of axles from various measurement channels
  • Measures Average Dynamic Wheel Load for all wheels
  • Determines Maximum Dynamic Wheel Load (WA) for all points of contact
  • Calculates speed of each axle and the average speed of train
  • Identifies and counts defective wheels as per specified thresholds and rates them according to the severity of defect
  • Points out exact position of defective wheel from loco for easy examination
  • Identifies and count number of Engines, Coaches / Wagons and Brake Vans
  • Detects Rake Type ICF, LHB & Goods Train and publishes Image of Rolling Stock
  • Relates each axle with engine or coach / wagon or brake van. Also it’s position in the identified rolling stock
  • Operates 24x7 without any human assistance
  • Transmits run reports to a central server that can be accessed by simple web browser

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