RailMan Datahub

RailMan is a cloud-based platform that offers recording, analysis and processing of data gathered through different trackside systems installed by Apna Technologies & Solutions. As the backbone of the entire suite of railway diagnostic technology being developed by ApnaTech, Railman integrates seamlessly with any trackside equipment that uses the predefined openXML protocol. It is being used to present and analyze data from WILD.

Key Features

  • Cloud-based solution to view and analyze data gathered.
  • Supports multi-user architecture
  • Dashboard view for key insights
  • Consolidated reports and logs for detailed review
  • Latest reports for each train on the monitored track.

Railman and WILD

A Seamless Integration Between Hardware and Software

Wheel Impact Load Detector (WILD) is an unmanned trackside system that measures the impact load on the rails to detect defects in the rolling stock. The data from the site is transmitted to a Railman server via GPRS where it is analyzed for any abnormalities and reported to the TXR.

Authorized users configure various alarms through RailMan portal. The software triggers alarms based on incoming datapoints and notify users as per the SOP. RailMan also provides a wide array of reports for detailed analysis of the rolling stock. The report for a passing train is available within minutes of the train crossing the WILD hardware.

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