Hot Box Detector

First of Its Kind Installation in India

Hot boxes and hot wheels are major threats for railway operations. Our Hot Box Detector is an unmanned wayside system with high-speed pyrometers. The hot box detector is installed at the axle box level to check temperature, both at the near axle and far axle. The hot wheel detector is installed at the track level to measure wheel temperature.

The main panel of the HBD has near axle and wheel pyrometer and the far axle panel has far axle pyrometer. Train trigger sensors are installed at different positions on the track. Entry trigger sensors and exit trigger sensors are used to detect if a train is approaching. This activates the system. These sensors can detect the direction of the train, estimate its speed and also count the axles in the train.

ApnaTech Hot Box Detector: Key Facts

Initial trials were done under the Technology Mission for Railway Safety Project in 2009
Developed for Allahabad Division of NCR by ApnaTech, in association with IIT Kanpur and RDSO
First system installed at KM No. 705 in Mugalsarai – Allahabad up main line near Chunar railway station
350 potential failures identified till Jan 2021 by Hot Box Detectors deployed by ApnaTech

ApnaTech Hot Box Dectector: Key Features

  • Advanced Hot Box Detection for the Railways. This safety critical diagnostics offering can prevent catastrophes like derailment or fire on rolling stocks.
  • Automatic identification of Hot Box and Hot Wheel for railway operations
  • Generates reports for each train with axle box and wheel temperatures
  • Automatic identification of rolling stock type
  • Differentiates between ICF and LHF coaches and wagons
  • Records axle box even for trains running at 130kmph
  • Records trains with 150 vehicles / coaches or up to 600 axles
  • Provides real-time maintenance flow and critical alarms through SMS
  • Provides audio-visual notifications for trains with critical alarms
  • Identifies the position of defective axle or wheel
  • Keeps track of defective coaches and generates pre-programmed reports

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