Bridge Health Monitoring

Bridge Health Monitoring - A growing need in Railways. ApnaTech uses the instrumentation technologies and modeling & analysis technologies to provide the status of structures continuously and also can calculate the effects of higher loads; temperature stresses and provides fatigue analysis of the structures.

Modeling & Analysis Services

• Finite Element Modeling
• Operation Model Analysis
• Dynamic & Static Response Analysis
• Fatigue Analysis
• Crack Propagation & Failure Analysis
• Temperature Stress Analysis
• Validation of Numerical Model & Corrections based on actual measurement

Instrumentation & Data Acquisition

• Strain, Load, Deflection, Temperature, Vibration Measurements
• Wireless Remote Data Acquisition & Monitoring
• Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) based Sensors & Data Acquisition
• Permanent Sensing & Data Acquisition
• Distributed System with wireless & FBG providing High Noise Immunity & near-zero transmission loss