Installation Support for apna BNWAS:

apna BNWAS is almost a plug-n-play type of installation and can be installed by a novice. We involve closely in helping the ship owner decide on the configuration and the accessories and help configure the cable routing. The installation can be done while sailing including the cable routing which is the longest installation work. Our packaging includes all cable end and connectors and the actual installation involves locating the units and connecting the cable as per preconceived plan.

This simple installation procedure can be very well handled by ship staff, having active and close tele/mail support from us on shore, reducing the installation costs drastically. We have also tied up with various distributors worldwide providing a complete installation by our authorised personnel at various ports around the world.


After Sales Support for apna BNWAS:

We at ApnaTech understand the tight schedules of ship operations and the stringent rules and regulations covering it. We appreciate the need for speed, clarity and simplicity in our reaction to any support requirement from the ship. Hence to reduce the downtime to a minimum as well as provide a robust support, we offer a 24x7 telephonic and email support system. The onboard engineers can contact our support centre anytime to solve any issues in the system.

apna BNWAS is also of a modular design that helps in replacement and trouble shooting. Our network of distributors also can help in ship visits to trouble shoot, if required. Our spares and replacement parts can be reached to various ports in the world in reasonable time frame.

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