apna BNWAS - Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System 

apna BNWAS is a DNV Certified Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System, designed in accordance with the IMO regulation. A rugged system, with a host of features, apna BNWAS installs with minimalintervention. The wireless model is as easy to install as unpacking and powering the system on.

apna BNWAS is a tamper proof system which has a main unit housing the microprocessor controller, that requires the officer on watch to reset a programmable timer at a preset interval. In the absence of the reset, the bridge watch alarm is sounded at various degrees and various places, again at a preset, programmable delay to alert the ship staff on possible incapacitation of the OOW. Features include the automatic reset of the timer, based on physical activity using PIR, multiple reset options and an auto operation mode ensuring system bypass during maneuvering. 

apna BNWAS: Differentiators

  • Directly connects to a PC for viewing logs
  • Separate visual indicators on the Main Unit for Tamper, Malfunction and Power failures
  • Separate ouput indicators for Tamper, Malfunction and Power Failures which easily integrate with the Central Alarm Panel / Management System
  • BNWAS system manufacturer is ISO 9001:2008 certified
  • Selector Unit for the Backup Officer

Features of apna BNWAS:
  • DNV Certified
  • IMO, NMEA, IEC 62616 compliant
  • Keyswitch security protected
  • Easy and clutter-free installation
  • Motion detector (select models only)
  • Waterproof reset units for the bridge wings (select models only)
  • Wireless communication module (select models only)
  • Variable light intensity for visual alarm
  • Volume control and tone selection (select models only)
  • Three way operation mode
  • 6 Hour battery backup for emergency operations
  • Adjustable reset time limits
  • Emergency call option
  • Event logging facility
  • Status indicator for system failure and tamper
  • RS422 port
  • Any number of Remote reset
  • System automatically reverts to internal battery in the event of a power failure 


Chapter V of the SOLAS Regulation 19 makes it mandatory for all passenger and cargo vessels to have a bridge navigational watch alarm system (BNWAS).

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