Ship Cash Management System

This module tracks the financial trail of each crew member accounts for his overtime, manages his salary, tracks various payouts, tracks bond store expenditure and is available online for every crew member to know his status.
The automatic calculation of salary and overtime, including bond store consumption and shore leave payouts helps the master in his monthly wage statement preparation, as well the shore staff in maintaining individual accounts and account remittances. Port cash requirement can be planned easily and the sign-off payment is calculated unerringly and instantaneously. Automatic pay slip generation and monthly remittance list for the bank helps office staff in managing the monthly salary disbursal/remittances effectively.

Salient Features

  • Automatic month end salary calculation and pay slip generation.
  • Ship to shore transfer of accounts.
  • Easy Port advance and sign off pay planning.
  • Every crew member can view his account status.
  • Easy verification of remittance status.


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