Dry Dock Management System

Dry Dock Management System is an online software package, facilitates in planning all the tasks that are required when ships are in Dry Dock. This module connects the needs of the ship, the shore based office and the vendors seamlessly in the Ark platform. Capable of B2B operation, this cuts down the multitude of to and fro communication between ship and shore before the final list of drydock activities are finalized.

It also communicates with the Planned Maintenance System (PMS) system to gradually accept the jobs for dry dock on a daily basis and updates the PMS on jobs done in dry dock. Drawings are uploaded easily. The module allows online ratification, by the superintendant, of the dry dock activities envisaged by ship and RFQ is generated in a flash and vendors are solicited thru mail. Dry docks can quote directly on the system, reducing the communication. Inbuilt algorithm helps in determining various scenarios as well as cost benefit analysis. Past data and trending provides insightful information.

Salient Features 

  • Invaluable help in the prediction, estimation and planning of a 5 year budget for a ship
  • Real Time Communication between ship and shore
  • Collates all tasks that are to be done during the Dry Dock
  • Is integrated with PMS software and incorporates all tasks marked as “Dry Dock” in PMS software
  • Online system integrated with Dry Dock Vendors
  • Adds details of tasks including reports & pictures and sends an RFP to vendors
  • Vendors can log into the system and clarify queries on specific tasks
  • Vendors can place quotations for each of tasks
  • System generates a Comparative Analysis Report for selection of Dry Dock Vendor
  • Generates purchase order for the selected Dry Dock Vendor
  • System also incorporates changes in the scope of the task earlier agreed upon with a Vendor
  • In-depth detailed analysis of earlier dry dock events and of sister vessels



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