BNWAS SOLAS Regulations for BNWAS Performance

SOLAS regulations for the BNWAS lay down the performance parameters.

BNWAS installed before 1 July 2011 should preferably be of an approved type conforming to MSC.128(75) “Performance Standards for a Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System (BNWAS)”. BNWAS installed thereafter are to be of an approved type conforming to MSC.128(75).

BNWAS equipment installed prior to 1 July 2011 for which conformance with MSC.128(75) cannot be documented may be exempted from full compliance with MSC.128(75) at the discretion of the Flag Administration (SOLAS Ch.V Reg. DNV will recommend applications for such exemptions when the system is in compliance with the rules for the NAUT-OC/-AW/-OSV class notations and/or when the system is provided with the following functionalities:

  • The system can be manually switched ON and OFF. The ON/OFF selection facilities are to be protected by e.g. a key switch, password protection or by being located in the Master’s cabin.
  • The system remains dormant for a period of between 3 and 12 minutes when switched on.
  • A visual indication and an audible alarm are given in the wheelhouse at the end of the dormant period. For the first 15 seconds, a visual indication may be given only. 
  • The alarm is transferred to the back-up officer’s and/or Master’s cabin if not reset in the wheelhouse within 30 seconds. 
  • The alarm is sounded in public spaces (e.g. mess room, ship’s office, conference room) if not reset within 30 to 90 seconds of the first visual indication in the wheelhouse (the period may be extended to 3 minutes for larger vessels). This alarm may be combined with the alarm described in item 4 above. 
  • An alarm reset function is provided in the wheelhouse, e.g. push button(s) and/or movement detector(s), in position(s) allowing a proper lookout.


Electromagnetic Compatibility and Environmental Protection:

It should be confirmed that the BNWAS is suitable for installation on board ships through a test report, test certificate or manufacturer’s specification, or alternatively through a declaration from the vessel’s manager confirming that the system operates trouble-free.

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