Wheel Impact Load Detector (WILD)

Impact load occurs on rail when a defective portion of wheel falls on rail head. Impact load is transferred to rail head from wheel through combination of any or all of the following defects like

  • Wheel having a flat / Out of roundness
  • Overloaded Axles
  • Defect in suspension system
  • Miss-alignment of bogies
  • Skew in the car body etc


Wheel Impact Load Detector (WILD) is a Safety System used to identify the defective wheel due to any of the above defects by measuring the dynamic impact on the track at a very early stage and thereby protect the Rail Infrastructure, avoid derailments and catastrophic failures. WILD is also to reduce service failures and unplanned maintenance cost of Rolling Stocks and Tracks.

WILD System was initially developed along with RDSO & IIT-Kanpur

Salient Features

  • Wayside system with reliable 24x7 operation without Manual intervention
  • Automatic Identification of Train and Automatic Measurements
  • Impact Load Measurement & Impact Load Factor (ILF) Measurement of all Wheels
  • Automatic Transfer of Report & Analysis to Railway Control Office/Train Examining Station through GPRS
  • Transferring of data through OFC link
  • Intimation of alarms through SMS 
  • Automated Alarm Notification based on Load levels & ILF
  • Speed Measurement of each axle and average train speed measurement 
  • Bidirectional Traffic 
  • Provides Wagon/Coach Wheel & Axle Information
  • Instrumentation optimized for capturing full Wheel Circumference data
  • More Number of Measurement zones to provide greater accuracy 
  • Self-Calibration of Channels to maintain accuracy
  • Self-Diagnostics
  • Programmed software available at website for easy analysis of defective wheels


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