Track Side Bogie Monitoring System (TBMS)

Track Side Bogie Monitoring Systems (TBMS) monitors & provides data about the health of bogies. The forces acting in the vertical & lateral directions of the wheel-rail contact zone will represent the true health status of the bogie. Bogies with poor health are identified and isolated from the fleet for immediate repair & rectification.

The system was developed along with IIT-Kanpur as a part of Technology Mission for Railway Safety

Salient Features

  • Automatic train detection
  • Measures Vertical Load, Lateral Load & Angle of Attack
  • Calculates L/V Ratio, Tracking Error, Inter Axle Miss-Alignment
  • Secondary power - solar power
  • Reliable 24X7 operation without Manual Intervention
  • Automatic Identification of Trains and Automatic Measurements
  • Automatic Transfer of Report & Analysis to Railway Control Office or Train Examining Station through GPRS
  • Notification of Alarms & reports through SMS and e-mail


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