On-Board Diagnostics (OBD)

On-Board Diagnostics Systems provide complete access to the location of the locomotive and health information of various components on-board the locomotive. These systems enable real time monitoring of various parameters like vibration, temperature, pressure, voltage, current, etc for vital locomotive equipments like rotating machines, traction motor suspension bearings, axle bearings, air compressor, etc and could be used on both Electric and Diesel Locomotives.

 The system was developed along with IIT-Kanpur as a part of Technology Mission for Railway Safety

                 Complete Health Monitoring of the Loco through the software panel

Salient Features

  • On-line data acquisition
  • Display over multiple channels simultaneously
  • Frequency analysis and Real-time FFT display
  • On-line analysis
  • On-screen trend display
  • Data storage with date-time information
  • Safe and tolerable limits for all channels
  • Automatic visual and audio alarm in case of limit crossing
  • Algorithmic diagnosis
  • Communication through mobile network to central control unit


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