Changes in the business, regulatory and technological environment can necessitate changes or a migration in an organization’s legacy IT systems. We help our clients update and renovate their business-critical applications so that their software systems are in sync with a change in business requirements, modernization of technological infrastructure, and changes in the regulatory rules.

 Through reverse engineering and system renovation, we assist in enhancing, upgrading, migrating, or porting enterprise applications and information systems for our clients.

We have the acumen and skills required for the complex process of reengineering large software systems that may have been developed and maintained by different teams.

QA / Testing Services

Our testing services involve a disciplined, step-by-step process to ensure that our clients’ software, websites and internal applications are free from bugs, glitches, and oversights before they are ready for release. We work closely with our clients to understand their applications and requirements. Our services include identifying problem areas, determining the cause of the problem and finding out how best. the problems can be resolved. We focus on ensuring the reliability of applications and their compatibility and scalability.

Why ApnaTech for Testing Services

  • We have a team of experienced professionals for testing. Our clients benefit from our services especially when the testing process requires specialized training, knowledge or backgrounds or when they are unable to acquire the necessary skills in a short span of time. Our clients look upon us when tests require specialized knowledge to be able to interpret and analyze test results.
  • Our services help clients obtain a specialized, but neutral perspective, especially for quality issues such as usability and compatibility. An objective point-of-view is critical for testing, since it would provide an organization with more as well as unbiased data.
  • Our clients also benefit from exposing their code to new test tools and methods, thereby finding faults that may have been missed by their tools.