IT Support – Application Management

We help clients maintain and optimize their critical business applications. This involves day-to-day management of applications as well as working closely with our clients to identify places where there is scope for improvement and helping evolve applications so that they are in-line with changing business needs and technological advancements.

We have capabilities to manage applications that require frequent modification, ensuring that the technology applications are well coordinated with any change in business processes.

Based on Service Level Agreements (SLAs), our application management services help our clients improve the stability and efficiency of their mission critical applications and keep those applications in sync with changing business processes and changing technologies to achieve the optimization of business processes and to profit from new technologies.

What our clients have achieved with our help.

Some of our projects in this category include the following:

A large financial news services company was having trouble keeping its website in sync with changing business demands. One of the biggest issues that the company was dealing with was that the response time from its IT team was very high. The architecture of the application in use had become extremely complex over a period of eight years.

  • We helped the company plan a proper transition from its IT team to the Apna Tech support team without hampering productivity.
  • We created a process that helped the company prioritize all the changes they wanted in the application.
  • We created a plan for all the bugs, enhancements and performance enhancements (are you sure we need to write both?) based on the priorities defined by the company to fix all the issues in the predefined SLAs.