Prison management

Prisons, essential to the criminal justice system, have a formal organization and specific functions to perform. The main objective of the Prison Management System (PMS) is not just to confine inmates and prevent them from committing crimes, but to reform and rehabilitate. The purpose is to enable them to become useful citizens after they get released by paving the way for their natural merger with the society. To get the complete case study, contact us.

PMS can be broadly grouped into:

Functional modules: These cover functionality modules that ensure the efficient functioning of a prison. Following are the functional modules:

  • Prison Information Management
  • Inmate Management
  • Activity Management
  • Visitor Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Inventory Management  

Supporting modules: These modules make sure that the system administrator manages the system effectively, performing administrative tasks, generating reports, ensuring the security of application and modifying system rules in accordance with the changes in requirements. Following are the supporting modules:

  • Access Control / Role Management
  • Rules Engine
  • Content Management System
  • Activity Log Module
  • Web Security Module
  • MIS Report  


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