TTCI is the worldwide provider for high-value rail transportation technology development, testing, standards, and training. They also have various Way-side Detection Technologies to monitor performance of railcars and have extensive track facilities, state-of-the-art laboratory facilities, and a highly talented engineering for research and testing needs. ApnaTech has signed an MOU to provide Trackside Acoustic Detection Systems (TADS) in India and other way-side monitoring systems as per Indian Railways requirement.

Right from its inception ApnaTech has been an alliance member of National Instruments India, a global leader in the field of measurement and automation. National Instruments introduced and pioneered the concept of Virtual Instrumentation, providing software and hardware tools for building customer defined custom solutions in Measurement and Automation. ApnaTech being an alliance member uses the tools provided by National Instruments effectively in catering all measurement, automation and control needs of the today’s industry.

ApnaTech has established Technical Partnership with IIT-Kanpur in order leverage the gap between concepts & real world implementation. ApnaTech works closely with IIT-Kanpur in a number of turn key Research & Development projects.

ApnaTech & TAL are involved in Joint Development & Marketing of Brake Dynamometers, Friction Material Testing Systems & Manufacturing Execution Systems.

CMERI is an active member of Council of Scientific and Industrial Research; New Delhi is a premier R&D Institute in Mechanical and allied engineering disciplines, with core competency in advanced Manufacturing technology, Condition Monitoring of Power Plant Equipments, Precision castings, Rapid prototyping & Tooling, Robotics & Mechatronics, Residual Life Assessment.

ApnaTech & CMERI being experts in their own domains have joined hands to share in their expertise & redefine the art of Condition Monitoring with latest available technologies. Following are the services that can be provided by our Condition Monitoring Systems.