Apna Group of Companies

Apna, over the years, has ventured out from being a small time scientific supplier in 1979 to much varied fields. It now houses different companies under its umbrella conducting business with the same impeccable quality, commitment and earnestness that Apna was started with and with the same simple vision of providing solutions and touching lives. Neither this growth in terms of business nor the passage of time has eroded the basic principle with which the company was started initially - to provide people with solutions and not just the services for their immediate requirement.

Apna Group is, as on date engaged in the following business through its core group of companies:

  • Solutions in Measurement & Automation
  • Instrumentation, Control & Automated Testing Solutions
  • Manufacturing of Ovens, Humidity Chambers and Lifecycle Chambers
  • Supply of chemicals, glassware & laboratory instruments
  • Manufacturing, Installation, maintenance and service of Petroleum Testing Equipments
  • Fabrication and installation of laboratory furniture and fume hoods
  • Fabrication and supply of all kinds of sheet metal fabricated units
  • Fabrication and installation of cashew processing machinery
  • Project consultancy for cashew processing plants
  • Interior decoration and space planning
  • Architectural consultancy
  • Sourcing & supply of materials and projects
  • IT Services